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AlHaram Travel provides the Best Opportunity to Perform 5 star Hajj in 2016 at low price for Muslims in UK

Affordability is no more an issue as AlHaram Travel offers cheapest Hajj 2016 packages for UK Muslims. Plan your customized Hajj 2016 package to avail 5 star hotel, direct flight, swift visa processing and appropriate guidance. AlHaram Travel will deliver maximum satisfaction to pilgrims coming from London, UK.

Luxury Hajj Packages 2016 with extra ordinary amenities

Every Muslim is aware of the term “Hajj”. It is the goal of every Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in lifetime. Allah (SWT) forgives all sins of the Muslim who performs Hajj. People from every corner of the globe arrive in Mecca to perform Hajj. UK is no different when it comes to pilgrims. Thousands of pilgrims travel from London, Birmingham and Manchester to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj. The number of Muslims coming for Hajj from London, Birmingham and Manchester is expected to increase in 2016. September will be the month in 2016 for Hajj performance. The weather is usually pleasant in Mecca and Medina at this time of the year. Weather is the major factor behind expected increase in number of pilgrims coming from UK in 2016. In the near future, Hajj would begin in summer season of Mecca and Medina. To avoid the extreme heat and summer, maximum number of UK Muslims are trying to go on holy journey of Hajj in 2016.

AlHaram Travel is a trusted, verified and licensed Hajj & Umrah agent in London, UK. We have been serving the pilgrims in best manner from several years. Our experience, licensing, awards and high customer satisfaction speaks for itself. We have crafted the best Hajj 2016 packages for UK Muslims to book at last minute and in advance. AlHaram Travel understands the needs of millions of Muslims in UK. Our experts have formulated different Hajj 2016 packages to satisfy everybody’s needs and requirements. General requirements such as affordability, convenience and swift arrangements are guaranteed by AlHaram Travel even at the last minute. Call now at 0207-099-8899 to talk with AlHaram Travel’s agents. We intend to provide the best assistance.

Cheap Hajj 2016 Packages in UK

UK Muslims will never face the issue of affordability when dealing with AlHaram Travel. Cheap Hajj 2016 packages are being offered to our dearest Muslim brothers and sisters at the last minute. We are delivering the option of booking in advance. It will allow your family to avail discount on the cheap 2016 Hajj packages. AlHaram Travel intends to bring thousands of pilgrims from London, Manchester and Birmingham to Mecca, Saudi Arab in 2016. Our experts have decades of experience in the industry. It has allowed us to craft flexible Hajj packages for cheap price in 2016. Book 5 star Hajj 2016 package for cheap price with best hotel, flight ticket and other necessary arrangements.

AlHaram Travel accepts the responsibility to meet your requirements regarding 5 star accommodation, cheap flight tickets, swift visa processing and detailed guidance on Hajj performance. We will ensure that your holy journey of Hajj in 2016 is convenient and comfortable. Compare our prices with other providers in the industry, AlHaram Travel will definitely come out on top with the cheapest packages on offer for last minute booking. We are known to deliver cheap rates for Hajj packages in UK. The Muslim community in UK trusts us blindly. Our experienced staff wants to never let down the customers who trust and choose AlHaram Travel. Due to this, we are keen to provide cheapest 2016 Hajj packages at last minute.

Guidance on Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

London, Manchester and Birmingham have completely different atmosphere when compared to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. AlHaram Travel has vast experience which allows us in understanding the difficulties faced by pilgrims during Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arab. Our expert staff can guide you and your family at last minute in detail on how to avoid any issues due to facing climate and weather changes. AlHaram Travel recommends the pilgrims to implement the following factors during Hajj in 2016:
• Wash hands before eating or cooking
• Don’t drink cold water and icy drinks
• Avoid facing air conditioning with sweaty body
• Consume maximum fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated
• Opt for sealed products only
• Have pasteurized milk
• Don’t hug or shake hands with everybody. Try to stay germ-free
• Keep maximum liquid intake during Hajj

AlHaram Travel can guide the pilgrims in detail when going on Hajj in 2016. Live guidance has always helped pilgrims in avoiding any health issues when performing Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Booking in advance will always enable you in getting the cheapest price for desired 2016 Hajj package. Receive maximum assistance from us by calling at the helpline even at last minute. Booking for cheap Hajj package 2016 can be made at any hour of the day. AlHaram Travel expects maximum calls from Muslims in UK in order to avail the huge discounts on cheap 2016 Hajj packages.

5 Star Arrangements for 2016 Hajj

Muslims from UK place booking requests for 5 star Hajj package at the last minute. AlHaram Travel is more than happy to cater these requests of pilgrims who wish to go on the holy journey as per orders of Allah (SWT) and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is our utmost priority to ensure 5 star arrangements at cheap price for pilgrims coming from London, Birmingham and Manchester to Mecca, Saudi Arab. For this purpose, the fulfilment of individual needs is ensured when booking 2016 Hajj package for cheap price. Book the 5 star hotel, return flight tickets, local transportation and other facilities with AlHaram Travel for Hajj at cheapest price on last minute. These factors can be included in your 5 star Hajj 2016 package.

AlHaram Travel understands that majority of the people from UK will be going on Hajj for the first time in 2016. Due to this, we work hard to ensure the availability of specific 5 star factors which can create maximum convenience and ease. At the same time, cheap price is maintained to cater affordability requirements of Muslims living in different cities of UK such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, etc. Booking the cheap 5 star 2016 Hajj package at last minute ensures a pleasant and peaceful holy tour. AlHaram Travel leaves no room for any complacency which could lead to discomfort for the pilgrims. We take care of everything from flight tickets to tour guidance and hotel booking to packing clothes.

Special 2016 Packages for Groups

We know the fact that pilgrims travel in form of individuals, families and groups. AlHaram Travel is catering the needs of groups for Hajj 2016. Special discounts are offered for delivering cheap 2016 Hajj packages for groups at the last minute. People are strangers to each other in a Hajj group. It allows the individuals to bond with each other on the holy tour of Hajj. On the other hand, affordability of every individual is catered by delivering the cheap 2016 Hajj packages with inclusion of 5 star arrangements. Booking the cheap Hajj group package at last minute has major benefits. There are individuals in a group who have previous experience of performing Hajj. It enables the first timers to gain valuable insight and advice throughout the holy tour in Mecca and Medina.

Allah (SWT) is waiting for your willingness to get all the sins erased. Avail this amazing opportunity right now and book the 2016 Hajj package in advance or at last minute. AlHaram Travel is based in London, UK. We are verified and associated with ATOL. AlHaram Travel welcomes every valuable suggestion for improving the cheap Hajj 2016 packages and overall tour experience. Feel free to contact us on 0207-099-8899 at the last minute. We are offering different Hajj 2016 packages for cheap price with flight and hotel accommodation included. Every package has different features in terms of hotel, flight, duration, etc. Our services for visa processing and Hajj guidance are free of cost with booking of every package.

We have large customer base in Birmingham and Manchester. AlHaram Travel has started the service of document submission via post for customers belonging to Birmingham and Manchester. We have also made other procedures simpler for pilgrims who wish to travel from Manchester or Birmingham. Feel free to provide valuable suggestions and feedback. It has helped us in creating more convenience for our customers in Manchester and Birmingham with dedicated flights and much more being offered.

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