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Reserve your vacations for Umrah by choosing the best packages with luxurious hotels and direct flights during any month of the year 2018

Book your Umrah vacations for the year 2018 by selecting the luxurious packages with 5 star accommodation and direct flights. Pick from the affordable 4 star packages and cheapest 3 star deals for your Umrah journey. Include on-demand transportation and traditional Arabian meals in your special Umrah packages. Plan your halal Umrah holidays with leading ATOL certified travel agency and reserve the best Umrah deals now. Dial 020 3820 5940 to get in touch with AlHaram Travel and reserve your Umrah trip now.

AlHaram Travel, your ideal Umrah trip planner

Performing Umrah is obligatory on every able-bodied Muslim brother and sister. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said: “An Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the next, and hajj, which is accepted will receive no other reward than Paradise”. Every Muslim brother and sisters prefer to do Umrah whenever they are offered a chance since Umrah is considered a way to increase wealth and make ones’ life happy. The Muslims of United Kingdom usually prefer to go on vacations for Umrah during any month of the year, whenever they get an opportunity. AlHaram Travel lets you plan your Umrah halal journey for 2018 and we can arrange a trip in any month of your desire. Whether you are planning to perform Umrah during the month of January 2018, or simply want to go for Easter holidays, we have got Umrah Easter packages for you. If you are looking to spend your Christmas holidays to get spiritual satisfaction, we can provide luxury deals for December 2018 with 21 days or 2 weeks duration. The UK Muslims wishing to perform the summer holidays of July and August in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina can book Umrah summer holidays. Our travel agents let you plan your trip for Umrah by letting you choose the type of accommodation, direct or connecting flights, the city of departure and arrival as well as the ziarat to holy sites.

Plan your vacations for halal Umrah
Preparing to perform the obligation of Umrah in the year 2018 during the Islamic month of Ramadan? We can provide customised Umrah Ramadan packages with all-inclusive facilities. The Umrah operators of AlHaram Travel lets you plan your Umrah break by customising every aspect of the trip. We let you choose the city of departure for your journey as per your demand. The Muslims of UK can select the 5 star package for Umrah with luxurious accommodation in the holy cities including a near-to-Haram hotel in Mecca and hotel near Masjid e Nabwi in Medina. Direct flights are usually included in the 5 star Umrah luxury packages. The pilgrims are offered the option to choose between Jeddah and Medina as per their Umrah plan. The pilgrims of UK can choose the affordable packages with 4 star accommodation and direct connecting flights to make sure the pilgrims are offered value for their money. We also ensure the brothers and sisters with a small budget can get blessings as a reward for performing the Umrah. Our 3 star cheapest packages with economy accommodation and connecting flights lets you have the blessings of Umrah by paying a minimal price for your trip.

Pick the route of your holy journey of Umrah
AlHaram Travel lets the residents of London and other related cities depart from the Heathrow airport of London from where most of the Umrah flights function. The Muslim brothers and sisters living in the cities of Birmingham and Manchester can choose to leave for the Umrah ritual from their respective city’s airport. The UK Muslims can choose direct, comfortable flights but, if you are looking to have a city break during your Umrah holy vacations, we let you choose the stopover flights. The Muslim brothers and sisters planning to spend their holidays by performing the Umrah obligation and going on a sightseeing tour in Dubai or any other city, can pick the 21 days Umrah packages. We let you choose to stay in any city around the world on your journey back from Umrah making your vacations memorable. The pilgrims can opt to arrive at Jeddah airport and then travel to Mecca by ground transportation. We can arrange a private transportation for you to move to your hotel in Mecca but, the pilgrims also prefer the Haramain High-Speed Railway to travel to Mecca. We can reserve the tickets of Haramain High-Speed Railway for you to ensure your journey to Mecca is comfortable and you are provided luxury facilities. The railway has decreased the travelling time between Jeddah and Mecca by half. The UK Muslims looking to stay in the city of Medina first can choose to arrive directly at Medina airport.

AlHaram Travel has got packages for Umrah of any month
Every Muslim wish to start the New Year by performing the rituals of Umrah to make the year blessed. The first 15 days of January are usually vacations in the United Kingdom due to the long Christmas and New Year holidays. We provide special Umrah January packages to make sure the Muslim brothers and sisters can start their year by getting the blessings of Allah (SWT) by performing an Umrah. Our 5 star January packages provide accommodation near Haram and comfortable direct flights. The UK pilgrims wishing to perform holy Umrah ritual in the month of February are offered affordable 5 star, 4 and 3 star deals with luxurious all-inclusive facilities.

The United Kingdom’s Christian community observe Easter holidays in the last week of March and the Muslim brothers and sisters wish to perform the Umrah obligation during those Easter vacations. AlHaram Travel offers specially made Umrah March packages to make sure the Muslims can get spiritual satisfaction. The school holidays last for two weeks during the spring break of April. We let you plan your Easter Umrah tour in such a way that you can spend the maximum days in holy cities of Mecca and Medina with your kids and family. Our April Umrah deals are crafted specifically to let the Muslims spend their vacations in the best possible way.

The Muslim brothers and sisters craving a city break from their daily life routines can go on a Umrah May break to make sure they get spiritual satisfaction and Umrah freshens their mind. We have exclusive deals for May Umrah with significant discounts for Muslims living in the United Kingdom. The months of June and July start to get hot and the brothers and sisters often want to take a break from their hectic life. We let you plan your June and July summer vacations with family by letting you choose from the best Umrah summer packages. Our June deals for Umrah make sure your family vacations are spent in the best way. The Muslims looking to perform July Umrah can opt from the luxury and deluxe packages with best facilities. We also provide deals for August Umrah with different duration. Our packages can vary from 7 days, ten days and two weeks but, if you are looking to spend most of your days in holy cities, we have got 21 days deals.

The climate of Arabian areas starts to cool down during the month of September making it ideal to perform Umrah. We have packages with all-inclusive facilities for your September Umrah to make sure you can enjoy the Umrah holy journey in the best ways. The schools of kids are on spring break during the month of October making it suitable to go on a vacation for October Umrah with your family. We let you choose the packages with family friendly hotels and comfortable transportation. The pilgrims wishing to go on Umrah November tour can choose the cheap packages with luxurious facilities.

Make your Christmas holidays memorable by performing Umrah in December
The celebrations of Christmas festival starts in mid-December making it ideal for the Muslim community to go on a Christmas Umrah break during the December holiday season. The winter holidays usually lasts for two weeks making our 14 days December packages ideal for you. The pilgrims wishing to spend the December holidays and New Year vacations in the holy cities can select the 21 days deals. The Muslims can also choose Christmas Umrah tour packages lasting 7 or 10 days.

Schedule your Umrah during the Islamic calendar months
The Muslims are very conscious about act of Umrah in relevance to Islamic months. They want to spend their holidays for Umrah in the holiest Islamic months to get more-rewards. We let you plan your Umrah in any Islamic month as per your needs. The month of Safar is the first month of the Islamic calendar in which the Umrah is allowed. The city of Mecca is usually less-crowded in Safar due to the conclusion of Hajj season which makes Safar the ideal month to go for the obligation of Umrah. Special deals for Safar Umrah are offered to the UK citizens to make sure they can spend the previous days of their life at the holiest place on Earth.

Rabi ul-Awal holds a particular importance among the Muslims of the world. It is the birth month of The last Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) and Muslims say special prayers in it. We let the Muslim brothers and sisters visit the holy city of Mecca to ensure they can pray there and earn an extra reward. Our Umrah Rabi al-awal packages include hotels near Haram with luxury facilities to make sure the Muslims can easily visit Haram to perform prayers and Umrah whenever they want. AlHaram Travel offers exclusive deals for the Rabi al-thani Umrah and we let you choose the best packages as per your requirements. The pilgrims wishing to perform Jumada-al-awwal Umrah can choose the luxurious facilities and direct or connecting flights. Packages for Jumada-al-thani Umrah with 5 star hotels and on-demand transportation can be arranged. We also ensure the pilgrims are offered on-demand meals to make them taste the traditional Arabian foods.

The month of Rajab holds a special place among the Muslim brothers and sisters as it is said that Rajab is a month of mercy. The Muslim brothers and sisters try to go to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina during Rajab to beg for forgiveness in front of Allah (SWT). We, at AlHaram Travel, offers exclusive deals for the Rajab Umrah with top hotels and luxury transportation. We provide Rajab package Umrah with discounted prices but, luxurious facilities for Muslims living in the United Kingdom. The month of Shaban is the last one before one of the holiest months, Ramadan. The Mecca usually have less-crowds due in this month making it the suitable Islamic month to perform the rituals of holy Umrah. We provide Shaban package with exclusive 5 star luxury accommodation and direct flights to Jeddah or Medina.

Go for Umrah during the holiest month of Ramadan
Ramadan is considered one of the most-holiest months by Muslims and it is one of the most important Islamic months. The Messenger of Allah (SWT), Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Umrah during Ramadan is equal to Hajj with me” which means performing the duty of Umrah during the month of Ramadan is a source of mercy and expiation of all your sins. The Muslims fast during Ramadan and special prayers (Tarawih) are said every night throughout the holy month. Muslim citizens of UK try to go for Umrah in the holy Ramadan to gain rewards. AlHaram Travel offers a variety of packages to the Muslims for Ramadan Umrah where we provide seven days, ten days and two weeks deals. The pilgrims can choose to go for Umrah during the first Ashra (first ten days) or go in second or third Ashra, as per their requirements. The pilgrims can get their packages customised as per their needs and choose to spend the Holy Eid-al-Fitr in Mecca. The pilgrims can choose the 21 days package to spend the last 15 days of Ramadan and the first five days of Shawal in Mecca along with the celebration of Eid-al-Fitr. We provide packages with 5 star facilities including luxury hotels and direct flights. Affordable packages with luxury 4 star accommodation can also be picked to get value. The Muslim brothers and sisters wishing to go on a holy tour of Umrah but, carry small budget are offered the cheapest packages with 3 star accommodation and indirect flights.

Pick the best Umrah family packages with exclusive discounts
The Muslims wishing to go for Umrah with their families are offered exclusive discounts. AlHaram Travel provides Umrah family packages with near-to-Haram hotels and direct flights. We make sure the families are provided comfortable flights and family-friendly hotels in Mecca. The family members are allotted same flight tickets and adjacent hotel rooms. Our travel agents make sure your accommodation is within walking distance of Haram and Masjid e Nabwi. The married brothers and sisters travelling with their kids are usually offered exclusive discounts for their children by airline companies. The infants and kids with age 2 or less are provided free travelling whereas, the children aged 14 years or younger are charged half fare. Families travelling for Umrah with senior citizens or disabled person are offered ground floor accommodation near Haram. Wheelchairs are also provided to let the pilgrims move around quickly. The families who make an advanced booking for the tour are offered exclusive discounts on airline tickets and accommodation.

Individuals travelling alone or with a group of friends for Umrah are included in select groups of pilgrims from the similar region who speak the same language. Individuals are assigned hotel rooms on sharing basis to keep the prices low. AlHaram Travel makes sure at-least one experienced pilgrim is included in the pilgrim group to ensure the individuals don’t make any mistakes during the rituals of Umrah. The groups are suggested to stay together during the whole halal journey specifically during the immigration as the groups without all members are not allowed to leave the premises of airports.

Acquire on-demand transportation for ziarat
An Umrah vacation is not complete unless the pilgrims have gone on the ziarat of different holy sites. Saudi Arabia is full of historical ancient-Islamic places and no tour to the holy cities is complete without going on ziarat. The mountain of Jabal al Nour where the Cave of Hira resides, Mount Arafat and others sites are a necessary place to visit during your Umrah. The Arabian plains are usually desert and they can get scorching hot during day time of July and August summer. Travelling during the day time for exploration of different holy sites can be difficult but, we let our customers include the air-conditioned transportation services as part of our packages. The on-demand transportation can be used to move from your hotel to the Haram as well as go for a ziarat. Each of our packages can include meals as per the menu of the hotel but, the pilgrims desiring to taste the traditional meals of Arabian culture can choose to include on-demand traditional foods in their deals.

Book your Umrah halal trip with leading ATOL certified travel agency
AlHaram Travel is an ATOL certified travel agency working in the United Kingdom. Our IATA membership has allowed us to provide Umrah booking services to the Muslims of UK. We offer cheapest deals for the Umrah and make sure you are given the best facilities. We have gained popularity among the people of UK due to our ability to get every Visa application for Umrah accepted by the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, KSA. We require only the necessary information including the personal details, valid passport and vaccination certificates from you. Once we have reserved the hotels and return flight tickets for your trip, we send your Umrah visa application to the concerned ministry. Our travel agents are always there to help you out in picking the right package for your trip of Umrah where we make sure you are provided with the best facilities including luxury hotels and transport.  Get in touch with our Umrah operators by dialling 020 8038 0150 to book your package now or email us at to plan your journey. We provide exclusive discounts on packages booked earlier than the date of departure.

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