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Best Ramadan Umrah Packages 2016 for UK Muslims at Cheap Price with luxury facilities

AlHaram Travel is a verified and licensed provider of Ramadan Umrah packages to Muslims in UK. Get the cheapest price for our 5 star services. Experience the utmost holiness of Ramadan by going on Umrah in 2016. Umrah packages are kept with affordable price tag for UK Muslims.

Ramadan, 2016 will arrive in the month of June in UK. It will be the ideal time to go for Umrah as summer holidays begin for your children in London, Manchester and Birmingham. AlHaram Travel is willing to help you and your family in booking the cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package at last minute or in advance. Economy of UK has shown a trend of growth from past several years. It has kept an ideal exchange rate for British Pound compared to Saudi Riyal. Due to this factor, UK Muslims are encouraged to avail the opportunity and go on holy tour of Umrah. Islam is the complete religion and guidance for human beings of every era. Hajj is an extensive procedure. Umrah is another way of gaining blessing for Muslims around the globe who wish to visit holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Umrah can be completed in only a single day. It is the best option for those who lack physical fitness. On the other hand, Ramadan Umrah 2016 packages are cheaper compared to Hajj deals. Book the cheap price Ramadan Umrah 2016 package at last minute for visiting holy Khana Kaa’ba and Tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). AlHaram Travel experiences huge demand of Ramadan Umrah packages from London, Manchester and Birmingham. Due to this, we have already launched the cheap priced Ramadan 2016 Umrah packages for our valued UK Muslim brothers and sisters. AlHaram Travel agency operates 24/7 around the clock to cater queries of dearest customers from Birmingham, London and Manchester. Don’t delay in booking the Ramadan Umrah 2016 package if you wish to seek forgiveness of your sins from Allah (SWT).

Cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 Packages

AlHaram Travel is able to meet the affordability needs of every Muslim in Birmingham, London and Manchester. We are keen to bring out the best value in our cheap price Ramadan Umrah packages for 2016. Advance bookings come with special discount. Get in touch with us right now to get your hands on cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package at last minute. Every package offers different duration, 5 star hotel and return flight tickets. AlHaram Travel agency has designed numerous cheap Ramadan 2016 Umrah packages for UK Muslims to be booked at last minute. It allows the pilgrims to select the particular package which meets their requirements. AlHaram Travel offers 5 star hotel accommodation in hotels that are nearby the holy places in Mecca and Medina.

Compare our cheap priced 5 star Ramadan Umrah 2016 packages with other providers in Birmingham, London and Manchester. We will certainly come out on top when it’s about industry experience, high service delivery standards and cheap price. AlHaram Travel provides the best visa processing services for absolutely free with booking of cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package IN Birmingham, London and Manchester. Muslims in UK must avail the best opportunity of visiting Khana Kaa’ba and performing Umrah as per Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Book 5 star hotel accommodation, local transport for Medina tour and cheap flight tickets with AlHaram Travel. We specialize in Birmingham, London and Manchester market of Hajj and Umrah. Our experience and reputation certainly speaks for itself. Book the cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package at last minute or in advance to spend the holy month in an ideal manner.

Greatness of Umrah in Ramadan

AlHaram Travel encourages UK Muslims to go on Umrah in Ramadan, 2016. Every good deed in Ramadan is rewarded 70 times greater compared to other month. AlHaram Travel understands that Umrah in itself is an act rated very highly by Allah (SWT) and His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Doing Umrah in Ramadan, 2016 will enable you to earn 70 times greater rewards. Experiencing the Ramadan in Mecca and Medina will be a lifetime experience. The atmosphere in these holy cities is incredible from the Islamic point of view. It certainly explains why huge number of people from Birmingham, London and Manchester in UK opt for cheap Ramadan Umrah packages every year. The numbers are expected to increase in 2016.

Muslims in Birmingham, London and Manchester celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr by giving gifts to each other and arranging get together. Booking the cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package for your family could be the ideal Eid-Ul-Fitr gift for your loved ones. AlHaram Travel is willing to provide special discount for families who wish to perform Umrah in Ramadan, 2016. Most of the Umrah flights take off from London, Manchester and Birmingham in UK. Offering prayers in the mosques where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed once is a privilege for every Muslim. Fast and offer prayers in these mosques to feel spiritual. Open your Fast by eating the date which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grew himself. Seek Allah (SWT’s) blessings and forgiveness by doing all these holy rituals with booking of cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package in UK at last minute or in advance.

Verified & Licensed Umrah Tour Agent

AlHaram Travel is verified by Air Travel Organizer’s Licensing (ATOL) and we have years of experience in the industry while following rules and regulations declared by these authorities. AlHaram Travel agency’s licensing, experience and verification proves us to be trustworthy for Muslims belonging to Birmingham, London and Manchester in UK. Several Ramadan 2016 Umrah packages have already been booked by UK Muslims. There are only few vacant rooms available in hotels nearby the Khana Kaa’ba. Hurry on and book the cheap priced Ramadan Umrah 2016 package at last minute. AlHaram Travel is looking forward to hearing from your end. Please feel free in contacting us on 0207-099-8899 even at the last minute. Our agents are available 24/7 around the clock to answer your queries and book the cheap Umrah Ramadan 2016 package at last minute.

AlHaram Travel knows that senior citizens have specific requirements such as wheel chair availability, particular food, nearby hospital accommodation, etc. Please let us know if there is any member in your family who needs special care. AlHaram Travel agency will be more than happy to cater these needs at the time of booking cheap Ramadan Umrah 2016 package in advance or at last minute. We always give priority to individuals and families who book in advance from Birmingham, London and Manchester. Get on board to perform Umrah in Ramadan for seeking forgiveness of all your sins and becoming a better Muslim. AlHaram Travel appreciates every valuable suggestion. Provide your feedback at the helpline. It will help us in improving the Ramadan Umrah packages, service standards and various other aspects. Our intentions are to achieve maximum satisfaction of the pilgrims which book their flight, hotel and visa processing with us from Birmingham, London and Manchester.

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