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Book Cheap AlHaram Umrah 5 star Packages for availing luxury Facilities at low price

UK Muslims can rely on AlHaram Travel for performing Umrah in 2016. We are licensed and approved agency in London, UK. Receive ideal services for arrangement of flight, hotel and visa. Confirm your booking now by calling on 0207-099-8899. Everything is arranged in 5 star quality for valued pilgrims coming from London, UK.
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AlHaram Travel is proud to launch special Umrah 2016 packages for the residents of UK. We are open for bookings from Muslims living in Birmingham, Manchester, London and every other city of UK at the last minute. AlHaram Travel is approved and verified tour agency. We have gained Hajj & Umrah tour accreditations from ATOL. Thousands of UK Muslims have placed their trust in our Hajj & Umrah tour agency. AlHaram Travel has certainly come up to the expectations of valued customers. Being a part of holy experience, AlHaram Travel agency finds it obligatory to take care of pilgrims more than other businesses do for their customers. We feel proud to offer cheap 5 star Umrah packages 2016 at this time of the year. It creates convenience for UK Muslims in order to plan the holy tour to Mecca and Medina while receiving special discount on advance booking. We also confirm bookings at last minute.

Allah (SWT) has offered numerous ways to seek forgiveness of sins by going on holy tours of Hajj and Umrah. AlHaram Travel ensures that pilgrims coming from UK face absolutely no issues or hurdles for going on Umrah in 2016. Umrah has entirely different procedure and requirements compared to Hajj. AlHaram Travel intends to provide detailed guidance on Umrah performance to Muslims going from London, Manchester and Birmingham to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Having years of experience in the industry has allowed us to understand every need and problem of pilgrims. AlHaram Travel agency is able to cater individual requirements of every pilgrim who books with us.

Affordability Guaranteed!

Are you looking for the cheapest price on Umrah 2016 deals? Your research should be over by now as you have come to the right place. AlHaram Travel agency knows how important it is to meet the cheap price demands of UK Muslims at last minute. Thousands of people book Umrah deals every year from UK. AlHaram Travel is looking forward to cover the major market share by delivering cheap price for 5 star Umrah packages in 2016. Your comfort and convenience are not compromised by offering cheap price. We make sure to maintain the highest standards of service delivery with cheap price tag on 5 star Umrah 2016 packages. AlHaram Travel is at your service over the 24 hours of day. Get the best 5 star arrangements for your Umrah tour in 2016 at cheap cost.

AlHaram Travel promises to meet the affordability requirements of UK Muslims. It happens by crafting several Umrah 2016 deals with different features. Flexibility is available in our cheap priced Umrah packages 2016 with 5 star arrangements. Everything you experience will enhance the holy tour of Mecca and Medina during performance of Umrah. All the little aspects are taken care off when you decide to book our cheap 2016 Umrah package. Booking in advance has numerous benefits. Discount on the 5 star Umrah 2016 package is among major benefits of advance booking. UK Muslims have a high rate of advance booking. To cater this demand, AlHaram Travel agency has already launched the 5 star Umrah 2016 packages.

Umrah 2016 in UK Holidays – March Easter, Christmas December & New Year January

AlHaram Travel agency has an efficient Research and Development department. Our senior management has been informed about the emerging trend of Umrah pilgrimage in UK on the holidays of March Easter, December Christmas and January New Year. UK Muslims are used to spend these holidays just like a regular weekend. However, the new trend has hit market where UK Muslims are booking Umrah 2016 packages during March Easter, December Christmas and January New Year holidays at last minute. Easter will take place on 27 March in 2016. At this time of the year, the weather in Mecca and Medina is ideal for performing Umrah. AlHaram Travel agency has taken a step towards UK Muslims by launching spectacular Umrah packages 2016.

Being a Muslim, the best way to utilize the Umrah and December holidays is to book cheap Umrah 2016 package. UK Muslims get the perfect opportunity to seek Allah (SWT’s) forgiveness by performing Umrah without compromising the professional life. There would be no need to take extra work offs. AlHaram Travel agency offers various cheap 5 star Umrah 2016 packages with different duration at the last minute. Short Umrah tours are also arranged by our experienced management. At the time of March Easter, the weather is ideal in Mecca and Medina. Lastly, booking right now will help you in managing the work and personal chores before leaving for holy tour of Umrah from London, Birmingham and Manchester to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Spend your March Easter, Christmas December and January New Year holidays by fulfilling Allah (SWT’s) orders and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH’s) Sunnah. The months of December, January, February, March and April have cool temperature in the holy cities of Saudi Arabia.

Packages for Umrah 2016 in UK

AlHaram Travel has designed the best packages for Umrah in 2016. UK Muslims should grab the opportunity with both hands at last minute. Before departing from this temporary world, it would feel lucky if you have seen Khana Kaa’ba and Tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is a privilege which every Muslim is not able to experience. Being in UK, you have best opportunity in terms of affordability and holidays to go on Umrah holy tour. AlHaram Travel agency is willing to make everything even more convenient for you at the last minute. We are offering cheap 2016 Umrah packages with 5 star hotel accommodation, return flight tickets, local transportation and much more at last minute and in advance.

AlHaram Travel provides numerous options in terms of 5 star hotel accommodation to the pilgrims coming from London, Manchester and Birmingham in UK. We are associated with best 5 star hotels near Masjid e Nabwi and Kaa’ba. Ground floor rooms are booked for senior citizens to ensure maximum convenience. Special food can be arranged for senior citizens at these luxurious hotels. Various options are available for selecting return flight at last minute. AlHaram Travel agency can offers its professional services for booking only a hotel or flight. It entirely depends on pilgrims whether to book the complete Umrah 2016 package or specific feature. We recommend booking the cheap priced Umrah 2016 package for saving money on every factor such as flight, local transport and hotel accommodation. On the other hand, we deliver visa processing service absolutely free with booking of Umrah 2016 package in UK.

Weather Concerns – Most of the UK Muslims consider weather as an important factor before booking the Umrah. February to April the weather is absolutely fantastic in Mecca and Medina. February to April are the peak times of Umrah season where maximum number of people go for pilgrimage from UK. Book Umrah 2016 package right now for February, March or April to avail fantastic discounts at last minute. Old people are recommended to opt for Umrah in months from February to April for avoiding any health issues.

May, June & July Discounts – Are you short on budget? If you contact AlHaram Travel, we could always deliver something suitable within your budget range at the last minute. Avail the discounted Umrah 2016 package at cheap price in May, June and July. Summer discounts are offered for May, June and July. Hotels in Mecca and Medina lower the rates which attracts numerous pilgrims from UK. Due to this, AlHaram Travel has introduced summer discounts on Umrah package for May, June and July. The discounts are so high that summer heat would not bother you at all. 5 star hotels would easily fit into your budget during May, June and July.

Seeking Allah (SWT’s) Blessings

AlHaram Travel declared on the first day of operations that we are not restricted to profit generation only as our intentions are to gain Allah (SWT’s) blessings while being in this business. We have designed a wide range of Umrah packages 2016. It does not leave any room for complacency. Pilgrims are able to find the package which meets every requirement. AlHaram Travel agency does not want price to be the reason for UK Muslims not being able to go on Umrah tour in 2016 at last minute. Due to this, we are offering the cheapest price in Umrah 2016 packages. AlHaram Travel intends to ensure that every UK Muslim is able to go on Umrah in 2016 while managing the cheap cost and holidays.

For ensuring that maximum UK Muslims go for Umrah, AlHaram Travel agency has offered special Easter and December packages with cheap price tag. In this way, we are seeking Allah (SWT’s) blessings and forgiveness by making it possible for UK Muslims to go on Umrah in 2016. AlHaram Travel can be trusted for your holy tour of Umrah. We have immense experience in visa processing, hotel booking, flight tickets arrangement and local transportation. It is often said that every prayer during Umrah is answered and accepted. AlHaram Travel delivers cheap Umrah packages 2016 for UK Muslims at last minute to practice the teachings of Islam in best manner.

Pilgrims From Manchester & Birmingham – AlHaram Travel has gained huge market share in Manchester and Birmingham along London. It allows us to consider delivery of special packages for Muslim brothers and sisters living in Manchester and Birmingham. We will arrange flight departure and arrival at the airports in Birmingham and Manchester. On the other hand, documents can be submitted via post from Birmingham and Manchester. AlHaram Travel does not want its valued customers to waste their time and money on such activities. We accept the passport, pictures and other documents from Manchester and Birmingham residents via post.

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